F2C Sustalyn Powder™



200 Servings 

- Increase hydration levels by up to 27%
- pH-correct
- Supports glycogen store replenishment
- Supports muscle protein synthesis
- Increased endurance and stamina

Sustalyn"', super hydration activator is the result of an innovative patented enzymatic fermentation process that combines the amino acids L-Alanine and L-Glutamine. It creates a highly stable PH-correct product and a dipeptide that is more bioavailable than single aminos alone.

Designed to increase the rate of hydration up to 27%, research suggests that Sustalyn™ also supports the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. Sustalyn"' has also been shown to stimulate and support immune system health.


1. Training/Event (under 90 min.): Add ½-1 scoop (.5-1 g) in Hydra-Durance"' or water (with Electro-Ourance111 added). Drink during your activity. (Over 90 min use Glyco-Durance"' that has Sustalyn™ already added to the formula)

2. Pre-Event Week: Add ½-1 scoop (.5-1g) to 22-26 oz of Hydra-Durance™ or water (with Electro-Durance"' added) and drink multiple bottles throughout the days leading up to your event.

3. Anytime: Add ½-1 scoop (.5-1g) to 22-26 oz of Hydra-Durance"' or water (with Electro-Durance"' added) and drink throughout the day to stay hydrated. This can be multiple times a day.

4. Post Training/ Event Hydration / Carbohydrate Load: Add ½-1 scoop (.5-1g) to 16 oz of Hydra-Durance™ or water (with Electro-Durance™ added) and consume immediately after finishing. This is also a great time to add in Glutamine and/or Amino-Durance™ WITHOUT having any other protein source present (Wait 20 minutes to allow the single amino acids to absorb before adding protein for best overall absorption and benefit)

5, Post Training/ Event Protein Load: Add ½-1 scoop (.5-1 g) to 1 serving (8-10 oz) of Pharma-Pure™ or Rehab 3:1 ™ to aid in the uptake of the protein during your recovery phase.