F2C Glyco-Durance RAW™


Glyco-Durance RAW™


30 Servings (766g)

- 25 grams of carbs, ZERO grams of sugar
- Fast absorbing carbohydrate, hydration 
- Lowest serum osmolarity
- Sustained release of glucose for added endurance

Glyco-Durance™ represents the dawn of a new era in carbohydrate supplementation. Two key elements help to reduce digestive upset while increasing physical endurance and performance. Karbolyn Endurance™ is derived from non-GMO potato and rice and this natural bio-engineered high performance carbohydrate offers rapid absorption and sustained energy. Karbolyn Endurance™ uses a proprietary multi-stage enzymatic milling process to reach optimal molecular size, yielding a superior natural bio-engineered carbohydrate for quick gastric emptying that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream without any side-effects like stomach bloating or cramping.  The second key element is Sustalyn® which is clinically proven to stimulate glycogen production and enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestine by up to 27%.

Fill bike water bottle or container with 16 oz of room temperature water. Add 2-3 scoops of Glyco-Durance RAW™  and if you are needing electrolytes, add Electro-Durance™ to personalized needs.  Adding 1 scoop of Glyco-Durance RAW™ at a time and shake 10 seconds after each scoop to avoid clumping. When product is blended add the remaining 6 oz of water. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and shake again for 30 seconds before drinking or dispensing into 22 oz bike water bottle.

MIXING A SUPER BOTTLE (in a blender)
Add 8-10 scoops* (100 calories per scoop) of Glyco-Durance™ into 20-26 oz. of room temperature water and blend in a blender for 30 seconds. Transfer into bike bottle and drink over 2-3 hours. We recommend a ratio of 6-10 scoops of Glyco-Durance RAW™ with 2 scoops of the flavoured Glyco-Durance™ or flavoured to taste and add Electro-Durance™ to personalized needs. This will give you a concentrated bottle with 800-1000 Calories. Remember to drink water to stay hydrated when using a Super Bottle.Glyco-Durance™ can be prepared and frozen in your bottle for your convenience.